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The Creative Process II — Hyperion Dreams

The Creative Process II — Hyperion Dreams

As I float through the dark ether, in space, in nothingness, I start descending again. Now I can smell my destination. It is cold and dark and musty. An instant feeling of dread and fear overtakes me.
Despite my wants, I awaken in my new reality. The dank, moist air and its smells have stayed with me. My bear shirt is drenched. There is a thick mist about us, not thick enough to be rain, but thick enough to form droplets on our faces and chill our lungs.
I am one of twelve hands, carrying a body on six shoulders.
He is our brother.
Everyone around us is mourning his death.
The elders of the tribe go before us, as the women sing songs for the dead. I’ve always loved their singing. Their voices carry me off to faraway places — make me forget where I am. Somehow, just somehow, it makes the women singing the songs look more beautiful too.
We stop at the entrance to our sacred burial ground, a cave in the side of our ancestral hill. There are some runes carved over the entrance, but I cannot recognize them. They are not from our tribe. For sure, they are not the runes that Odin gave us:
The tribe’s elders sing the magic runes, and the slab of granite moves like a feather being pushed by our shaman with one hand. We walk more than one-hundred paces in between vertical walls in the cave. The walls are wet and rivulets of water are trickling down them. The elders are holding small burning sticks, and the shaman goes ahead of us all.
“Verdammt!” curses the man in front of me. We are hunching down, with a body on our shoulders, crawling in a pitch black cave with water dripping on us. He must have twisted his ankle on the uneven ground.
We reach the center of the cave.
We can finally stand without hitting our heads on granite. The shaman holds out a protecting hand, in his old crackling voice he says, “Go no farther. The gods are here.”
In the middle of the cave, we see nothing. We stand in a circle, with our backs pressed against the wet walls. The shaman speaks again, “Take no further step, lest ye be taken up with the gods!” We still see nothing. The small burning sticks that the elders hold are useless in this black pit of doom.
“Stand back!” screeches the old shaman. A blue light now plays at our feet, and spreads itself, dancing and flickering around the perimeter that our feet define.
“Don’t move!” he screeches again. Then, in the middle of the cave, the impossible happened: the blackness got darker. I could feel the air move towards the center of the cave. I could feel an invisible hand pulling me towards the center and downwards.
“Now!” came the shaman’s final order.
We hurled our brother towards the center of the darkness. We did not hear anything, except the wind building up to a deafening, sucking sound. I tried to grab the wet granite walls, holy god of thunder, do not pull me in! — I am not the dead one! — I was not called!
The wind burns my face and whips my hair in my eyes. I can’t hear a damned thing…and then… it finally dies down.
The elders say the last rites of our tribe, “Odin vera með þér bróður.”
I say to myself; ‘can we finally leave this Hel hole!?’

What LEVEL of Civilization are WE? Sci-Fi Awesomeness! [InfoGraphic]

As your planet runs out of resources, your civilization is faced with the question, “Whereto next?” 

One of the more interesting questions is: “Who gets to go?” 

But before we answer any of those questions, we must be at least a LEVEL 1 civilization! 

Memory Refresher… 

LEVEL ONE: A level one civilization is PLANETARY, and can harness the entire energy of a planet. Additionally, they are also INTERPLANETARY and can travel from planet to planet in their own solar system. 

LEVEL TWO: A level two civilization is STELLAR, and can harness the entire engergy of a star. They are also INTERSTELLAR, being able to travel from star to star. The profound difference; this civilization is truly IMMORTAL, “If your star dies, just go to the next one!” 

LEVEL THREE: A level three civilization is GALACTIC ! This civilization can harness the energy of an entire galaxy. It goes without saying that they are intergalactic, and can travel across the universe at will. What’s even more astounding and hard for us humans to comprehend; this civilzation can WARP the Time Space Continuum! 

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Civilization - Will We Make it OFF of this Rock???

How To Slingshot Your Spacecraft : Infographic

How to slingshot your spacecraft infographic

You can use any gravitational source, a planet, a star, or even a blackhole, to DOUBLE your speed, like a slingshot!

This is called "gravity assist" because you use the gravitational field and movement of a planet to add velocity to your own.

The cool part is: it's FREE!
Just make sure to not get too close...

You can also use gravity assist to DECELERATE your spacecraft -for free-.

Instead of traveling "behind" the planet, relative to it's motion in space, you travel in front of the planet. This way the planets gravity diminishes your forward speed.
How To Slingshot Your Spacecraft : Gravity Assist!

From Visually.

Chapter 1 - War of the Sun Gods - Book 1

War of the Sun Gods

Chapter 1 - I am Gråk, your information officer.

Gråk entered the Harvester 1 spacecraft.
He took his position in the co-pilot’s seat.
Nobody knew what he was about to do, but he knew he would not return.
“Good day captain” said the pilot, Captain Grem.
“Good day” Gråk said flatly.
The crew entered Harvester 1 and took their positions.
Captain Grem looked over from his pilot’s seat and eyed Gråk from head to toe, then his eyes stopped on his belt.
“What’s that?”
“The ancients would have called it a ‘gun’.”
“A gun? What’s that?”
“It’s a type of weapon, we call this one a VP70Z.”
“A weapon! By Junus, what do you need a weapon for!?”
“I’ll show you later, first I have an announcement to make.”
“An announcement?! Captain Gråk, you had better state your purpose immediately!”
Gråk turned in his co-pilot’s chair, faced the back of the ship and addressed the crew.
“My name is Gråk, some of you know me already.
I am your chief information officer and I am taking over this ship.
We are at war with the Nebulons, we will be targeting an enemy vessel, we may not return—“
“—stop right there!” Grem broke in.
There will be no capering of this vessel Captain Gråk!”
Gråk pulled his communication crystal from his pocket and put it on the console.
It played a hologram. The flickering green transparent face of General Kräk spoke:
“Gentlemen, you are on a mission to save our planet. We have intercepted messages from the Nebulon fleet. An impending danger is upon us. We must act now or die. Your mission is grave, it is one chance. It is now.
Captain Gråk will command your vessel now, by Junus – you must succeed.”
“I do not report to General Kräk!” said Captain Grem.
“Furthermore, it’s preposterous. I would have been informed—“
“There was no time. The enemy is on the way now, the council has been informed—“
“ —  then I would have been informed as well! That’s it, you sit there and shut up. Ensign Blarg and Vrex, escort Captain Gråk to container 5. Hold him there until I, and only I come and get you!”
Ensign Blarg and Vrex looked at each other.
How do you ‘escort’ someone?
The Nebulons and Zebulons had been at peace for over one-hundred years. Some say over one-thousand years.
They had not trained in hand to hand combat of any sort for the same time.
Such violence, and ‘laying on of hands’, was considered so primitive that it was revolting, to the Nebulons and Zebulons alike. 
Captain Grem’s face turned red in a rare show of emotion, “Do it now – that’s an order!”
Gråk watched with his arms crossed. His right eyebrow raised, he said nothing.
His lower hand went slowly to the grip of his VP70Z.
Blarg and Vrex approached him, he looked Blarg in the eyes, “One more step and you are dead.”
Blarg looked at Captain Grem, Grem glared back.
Blarg stepped…
Gråk raised his VP to chest level and fired at Blarg.
In a nanosecond, a white beam connected the VP and Blarg’s chest in a flash of light.
A burning hole from shoulder to shoulder now gaped in Blarg’s chest, he did not speak as the smoke rose from his body.
Before Blarg could fall, Captain Grem had unbuckled his harness and pounced on Gråk.
On top of Gråk and grasping wildly at his elbows, a loud thump, and then crackling noise was heard.
Captain Grem’s body lay on top of Gråk and crushed his face.
Through the burning hole in Captain Grem’s body, Gråk grasped him and threw him off.
Blarg and Grem’s bodies laid in the middle of the flight deck, small wisps of smoke rising in the conditioned sterile air.
The crew was stupefied, and stared at Gråk, unmoving.
Gråk finally broke the silence with emotionless orders; “Good. I’ll need a CTO and a Navigator. The rest of you can leave.”
“Leave? How?”
“You can all cram into the escape pods and wait for the next harvester to come by and pick you up. Or…you can come with me and save our planet.”
The one second of silence distorted in the small space in time.
It was broken by a lieutenant known as Kraig, “I’m in”.